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How to Use on First Install

1. Creating an Account

Create your account as one of two roles.

⚫ Controller(Administrator, Viewer) Role :

The role is to view the location and status information received from the tracker user on a map, and set the behavior of the tracker user device.

⚫ Tracker(Location Reporter) Role :

The role is to transfer the location and status information to the controller user.

Controller User Main Screen & Tracker User Main Screen | GeoFamily

If you have created your account as 'Controller' role, your counterpart user must create their account as 'Tracker' role.

(This means that both of you must sign up the account in a different role each other.) Controller user can link one or more tracker users through the pairing procedure.

2. Pairing Process Initiated by Controller User

Pairing Procedure between Controller User and Tracker User | GeoFamily

Make sure first that the counterpart tracker user must create an account with 'Tracker' role and the user is logged in.

❷ Send pairing request to the counterpart tracker user after entering his/her phone number in the tracker list menu.

❸ If the counterpart tracker user accept your pairing request by clicking [ACCEPT] button or tapping on the notification of the request, the pairing process will be successful.

If any success reply notification is not come from the counterpart tracker user within a couple of minutes, please contact the user to confirm whether they accepted it, and send the pairing request again.

Rarely, if the installation itself is wrong due to network environment, try again after uninstalling and reinstalling the app from both phones of yours in a good network environment.

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