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How to protect tracker user's own location privacy | GeoFamily -Tracker User App

Controller user is allowed to request and receive the location information of tracker user only on the permitted days of the week and time range which is set by tracker user in the 'Privacy Settings' drawer menu. Accordingly when it is outside the permitted days of the week and the permitted time range, controller user cannot receive any usual location of the tracker user and any notification for arrival/departure of a zone from the tracker user.

However, tracker user can send the location and state information to controller user at any time using the menu buttons, regardless of the permitted days of the week and the permitted time range. The privacy settings are set by controller user at the time of pairing request, and thereafter only tracker user is allowed to change that.

In other words, from the viewpoint of tracker user, the location information of tracker user is exposed only to controller user within the days and time range allowed by tracker user, but tracker user can send own location information to controller user using the menu buttons at any time tracker user wants.

Tacker user can limit exposure with regard to his/her location information as follows.

(1) Click the 'Privacy Settings' in the drawer menu.

(2) Activate by toggling the days of the week that allow you to expose your location information. Light blue is active. (3) Please set a time range to allow. If you allow all day, enable the '24 Hours A Day' checkbox. If you disable the checkbox, you can choose a time range that you allow.

(4) Click the 'CHANGE' button to save the settings.

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