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[For MOTOROLA / GOOGLE Smartphone Users] Optimal Smartphone Setup for Tracker User App | GeoFamily

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The description is based on Google NEXUS 5X phone. Depending on the model name and the Android OS version, the setting name and the screen may vary.

1. Battery Optimization Exception Setting.

You must deactivate the Battery optimization for the GeoFamily app using one of the two methods below, if your Android OS version is Marshmallow (ver 6.x) or later.

⚫ Method 1

⚫ Method 2

2. Auto-sync Setting.

Activate 'Automatically sync data'.

3. Notifications Settings.

Phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Select the GeoFamily app on the apps list.

Always enable the 'On' and 'Service Status'.

Notifications Settings | GeoFamily

4. System Settings.

Activate 'Mobile data', 'Wi-Fi' and 'Location'.

Leave 'Data saver' and 'Battery saver' disabled.

5. Always keep the Google Play Store up to date with the latest version of app.

Find the 'GeoFamily' app in the Google Play store and activate the 'Enable auto update' setting.


Click here for the information on how to set up your counterpart Controller user's smartphone.

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