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Extending the service period for the counterpart tracker. | GeoFamily - Controller User App

February 18, 2018

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How to set up your smartphone for optimal use | GeoFamily

January 29, 2018


Smart device automatically enters the sleep state to save battery power when not in use and to keep that in use for longer periods of time.

However, due to this, the network operation can be limited and the sensor's operation for location awareness or status recognition can be limited, so that it does not get its position or status at the exact time required.


The role of the 'GeoFamily' app is determined when signing up for the account, and by the determination, the app works as either controller user app or tracker user app.

The data related settings must be activated because data communication is used to communicate between the controller user app and the tracker user app.

In addition, the tracker user must activate the 'Location' setting for his/her own safety.


In accordance with controller user or tracker user, you need to set properly the system settings of your smart device as described below, in order to use the GeoFamily app in optimal condition.

The description is based on Samsung Galaxy phone. Depending on the smartphone manufacturer, the setting name and screen may vary.



Optimal Smart Phone Settings for Controller User App



Optimal Smart Phone Settings for Tracker User App  







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