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Extending the service period for the counterpart tracker. | GeoFamily - Controller User App

February 18, 2018

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Position error while tracker user stays in the same place. | GeoFamily App

May 30, 2019



When tracker user is on the move, a relatively accurate location is received and displayed on the map.

However, due to the nature of GPS satellites, when the tracker user is staying in the same place, the position error may be large.

Therefore, if the tracker user is staying in the same place without moving, please keep in mind that the location records indicated on the map as shown on the right above may appear to move around the place.

Moreover, if the tracker user is staying in a building and the building is not available for Wi-Fi service, it will not be able to catch GPS satellite signals and Wi-Fi signals. The tracker user will be located based on the more distant mobile base stations.
In this case, the position error may be larger.

Please refer to the 10th item of [FAQ] menu in the GeoFamily Controller application for more detailed position error.



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